The whole film:


Arsenal Institute for film and video art, Berlin / Germany

Light Cone, Paris / France

FILMFORM – The art film & videoarchive, Stockholm / Sweden

A film by Wolfgang Lehmann

60 min., colour and b/w, Aspect ratio: 4:3, 16mm/Digi Beta

Sweden / Germany 2007 – 2012

World premiere: 18. February 2012

62. International Film Festival Berlin (Berlinale) section Forum Expanded, Berlin / Germany

The film is soundless in the original version.

Music interpretations:


1. With live music by Wildbirds & Peacedrums (SE). Jazzhouse, CPH: DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival - AUDIO: VISUALS, Copenhagen / Denmark.


2. With live electronic music by Isak Edberg & Marcus Pal (SE). WORM, Rotterdam / Netherlands.


3. With live accompany by an experimental choir with original music by the composer Sonia Megias (ES). La Puerta Azul Madrid / Spain.

  1. 4.With live music by Black Bombaim together with sound artist João Pais Filipe (PL). 26th Curtas Vila do Conte / Portugal. 

  2. 5.With live music by Black Bombaim together with sound artist João Pais Filipe (PL). Clube Fenianos Portuenses, Porto / Portugal


  1. 6.With live music by  Felix Kubin (D). Resonanzraum Hamburg / Germany. 

Concert Trailer:


TROLLSLÄNDOR MED FÅGLAR OCH ORM is documentation and a meditation, a pure visual space of vibrant images and a travel in a world we never have a chance to “come in to”.

The title says it all; the work is an imaginative world of insects consisting of images, combined with birds, as there are toads and snakes to see. The theme is the eternal cycle of life, birth, sex and death. The structure of the film images is constant change.

TROLLSLÄNDOR MED FÅGLAR OCH ORM is a composition of images and contains of many frames of 16 mm film. Some images are self-recorded, others are taken from scientific film material and combining the images like in a collage, TROLLSLÄNDOR MED FÅGLAR OCH ORM examines the mysterial grey zone of image and imagination.

The film has no text, no sound – it is only visual!

Wolfgang Lehmann

“Nature never looked so alive yet mechanical in this highly recommended rhapsody of critters moving at the speed of camera and projector shutters.” Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun Times, 20 June 2012

”Who needs drugs when there are films like this? "Dragonflies with Birds and Snake" by Wolfgang Lehmann”, Leonardo Solaas, Buenos Aires on 9th April.

“Weaving together short, colorful bursts of zoological and educational footage of insects, birds, and amphibians, Wolfgang Lehmann's feature-length film DRAGONFLIES WITH BIRDS AND SNAKE details the life cycle of a dragonfly and that species' relationship with its ecosystem. (…) No individual segment is long enough to fully interrupt our perception of apparent motion however, so we in effect watch three sequences at once, with Lehmann massaging in new footage to replace older sequences. The film borders on overwhelming, but Lehmann holds interest through a rigorous yet clever editing principle that allows for the subtleties of shifting tempos and images to constantly surprise the viewer. A menagerie of semiotic editing techniques employed during this exercise allows the marshy world of the dragonfly to unfold before us: dragonfly larvae hatch, whilst mere frames later, a bird slowly devours an adult specimen. We see bird and prey gradually merge forms, holding a constant value of image as all other areas of the frame flicker between positive and negative image, blue sky or green grass. DM in

Chicago Guide to Independent and Underground Cinema, June 2012.

“A 'nature film' beyond even the wildest imaginings of David Attenborough: one silent hour of rhythmic, pulsating, fast-cut images of dragonflies, birds, a snake - and also some toads.

German-born, Swedish-based director Wolfgang Lehmann is evidently a keen scholar of the other three Rs: repetition, repetition, repetition. His most ambitious enterprise in a career that stretches back to the 1980s,Dragonflies is experimental film as beautiful mosaic, in which the rapidfire nature of the visual data means that everyone will 'see' something different depending on how the light and colours hit their retina.

Four years in the making and originally shot on gloriously imperfect 16mm before being transferred to video for editing, this hypnotically joyous evocation of natural lifecycles transcends ornithology and entomology to immortalise the most hidden and ephemeral of phenomena.”

19th Bradford International Film Festival, Catalogue, April 2013

Ein wilder Urwald aus Formen und Farben überwältigt den Zuschauer dieses Films von der ersten Minute an. Den stampfenden, pulsierenden Rhythmus gibt dabei die Materie des Films selbst vor. Drei Filmkader sind das Urmaß dieser Bewegung, solange hat das Auge Zeit, sich einen Reim auf das zu machen was da krabbelt und fliegt, wächst und rankt. Drei Filmkader bis das Bild springt, nur um drei Kader später wieder auf das erste Bild zurückzukommen. Die Wahrnehmung wird dabei extatisch, das Auge süchtig nach dem nächsten Bildersprung. Der 16mm-Alchemist Lehmann befeuert diese Sucht zusätzlich durch Zeitlupen, Negativ-Bilder und Doppelbelichtungen.

Underdox, München, Oktober 2013

In Swedish:

Om Trollsländor med fåglar och orm: ett samtal med Wolfgang Lehmann av Martin Grennberger

In German:

Das Material erspüren. Wolfgang Lehmann im Gespräch mit Florian Krautkrämer über seinen neuen Film “Trollsländor Med Fåglar Och Orm”



Santarcangelo Festival, Santarcangelo di Romagna / Italy

Resonanzraum, Hamburg / Germany


Clube Fenianos Portuenses, Porto / Portugal (December)

Curtas Vila do Conde; special section Stereo, Vila do Conde / Portugal

La Puerta Azul, Madrid/Spain


Kuryokhin Center, Center of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg / Russia


WORM, Rotterdam / The Netherlands


CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival - AUDIO: VISUALS with Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Jazzhouse, Copenhagen / Denmark

AGE D'OR FESTIVAL “Competition Age d´Or” - CINEMATEK (Royal Film Archive), Brussels / Belgium

Avant Festival, Karlstad / Sweden


Underdox - 8th International Film Festival for Document and Experiment, München / Germany

Oscar Niemeyer Museum; Curitiba International Film Festival, Curitiba / Brazilian

37th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF); Space Museum / Hong Kong

19th Bradford International Film Festival; National Media Museum & Impressions Gallery / Great Britain

Kinemathek, Karlsruhe / Germany

Filmforum, University of the Art (HBK), Braunschweig / Germany


50th New York Film Festival - 16th Views from the Avant Garde, New York City / USA

17th Split Film Festival / International Festival of New Film - Frame Extended, Split / Croatia

24th Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, Chicago / USA

14th BAFICI, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival “Competition Cine del Futuro”, Buenos Aires / Argentina

62. International Film Festival Berlin (Berlinale) section Forum Expanded, Berlin / Germany